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Movement and rhythm have always been an important part of my life. I have been exploring the World through living and embracing the benefits of moving and expanding the mind, body and soul through dance, traveling, music and yoga.

I teach Vinyasa, Jivamukti Yoga, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness meditation. I love to infuse my yoga classes with a spirit of playfulness and a good dose of strength, in an environment where breath is the anchor as we have fun going deep and expanding our boundaries together.

I am Inspired by teachers with whom I have studied or practiced such as Chris Chavez, Tina Nance, Meghan Currie, Elena Brower, Nico Luce to name a few.

If you don´t see me teaching yoga or organizing gatherings under the name Lovefully, I will probably be in some part of the globe either working as a Tour Lider , working in film festivals or traveling to feed my curiosity and wanderlust .


Yin Yoga

The Power of Stillness

In yin yoga we explore long-held therapeutic asanas to release deep layers of contraction held in the body and to generate the flow of chi through the fascia & the energy channels of the body-mind.

This way we increase the flexibility into the physical body, we restore harmony and balance to the mental and emotional bodies. While cultivating Mindfulness.

Vinyasa Flow

Let the Breath Guide you

Vinyāsa comes from the Sanskrit words -nyasa «to place» and the prefix Vi «in a special way». In Vinyāsa Flow we link asanas using the breath to tied one movement flowing into another. It is simply an energising practice, It can be challenging at times but it’s accessible for all levels of experience.


Private Classes

Reset your Body & Mind

This is the perfect option if you are feeling like one on one classes or having a group class with friends!

Classes run from 60 to 75 minutes.

·Hatha Vinyasa·

·Jivamukti Yoga·

·Yin Yoga·

·Restorative Yoga·




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Yone de la Torre

Yoga Instructor based in Barcelona, Spain.

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I have so enjoyed classes given by Yone, she is so professional! She loves her job, makes everyone feel good and caterers for everyone’s individual levels She’s a pleasure to be around” Barbara

“ I will give you a star for your teaching, you are fun changeable, professional, know how and when to correct. Your energy is filling the yoga room with love. I always felt were uplifted when I left your classes.” Ann


«My mother and I loved taking Yone’s class this summer. We looked forward to it all week! Yone was very thoughtful about how she presented the yoga not only physically but also from a very spiritual & authentic place. Beautiful energy, beautiful person & fantastic class. We miss it now that we are back in California, the land of yoga! She’s very good!» Shyama

«Meeting you was fate.. becoming your student was choice and turning it to a beautiful relationship was beyond control.. thank you Yone de la Torre for your endless giving in each and every Yoga class we did together, I am forever in debt to you ♥» Fatima S. Batook